Advanced filter and query features

We provide three ways to filter your source data and to only transfer a subset to your destination sheet. 

  1. A graphical filter menu that allows you to define one or more conditions that the source data needs to match so Sheetgo can transfers it to the destination.
  2. An input field for your SQL queries if you are familiar with those. To learn more about SQL queries, please consult the Google reference documentation
  3. A graphical filter menu that allows you to define one color condition the source data needs to match the result


Graphical filtering using a single condition

This feature will transfer data from all of the source columns and rows that match the rules that you define.

Graphical filtering using multiple conditions 

You can add various conditions and combine them. Sheetgo then only transfers the source data that matches all of the defined conditions.

Advanced filtering using SQL queries

If you are familiar with the SQL syntax, choose "Query language" to define your custom query statements.

SQL queries are powerful and help you customize the filtering process to the greatest extent. For instance, with SQL queries, you can do the following:

  • Select specific columns
  • Select specific rows
  • Limit the transfer to a fixed number of rows
  • Skip a set number of rows from the top

As an example, if you need to select only information in the columns A, K, and L, use the statement:  SELECT A, K, L

More examples

For more advanced models, please check out this article.

Filter By Color

This feature will transfer data where the selected column matched the background color you have specified in the condition. For example, you can bring all rows, where Column A = Blue.