Automating my data updates

Enable automatic updates to ensures that your data is always up to date even when you are not in front of your computer to manually run a connection. We offer several update schedules depending on your needs: hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly.

Scheduling your updates

Automatic updates happen in the background at the expected interval time. To enable automatic updates: 

  1. Open your Google Sheets sidebar Add-on or the Sheetgo Web App interface
  2. Click on your Workflows
  3. Click to Edit your workflows
  4. Click to Manage workflows
  5. Edit your connection by clicking the three dots next to the connection name
  6. Within this sub-menu to "Edit your connection" go to step (3) "Settings."
    See image
  7. Select "Automatic Updates"
  8. Click the checkbox "Enable Automatic Updates."
  9. Set up your desired frequency
    See GIF
  10. "Save your changes" and update your connection to start the transfer of filtered data

You have the option to turn on the error notification for that particular connection to receive an email whenever this connection fails to update successfully.
Workflow schedules have priority over Connections scheduled updates.