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Before you ask for support

Before contacting Sheetgo for help with your G Suite or Sheetgo Identity account, you can help us resolve your issue more quickly by gathering information listed below.

After gathering this information, contact support.

How is this data used?

The data and information you provide will be used to troubleshoot the issue you are reporting.

Doesn’t Sheetgo have some of this data already?  

For privacy reasons, we don’t make available to our support agents any user views that show user-generated content. Thus, our support agents will not have access to all relevant aspects of the user’s perspective and context of a reported problem. To help resolve your issue quickly, it is critical that they can confirm and replicate the question accurately, and in a timely fashion.  
The screenshots you provide enable our support agents to confirm the specific reported error or behavior as your users experience it. The exact error messages are helpful for us to quickly narrow the scope of the problem and speed up the review of the system log files. They also ensure that we document the observed symptoms.  

When submitting troubleshooting data to support, please ensure you remove any sensitive data, such as account credentials, government identification numbers, cardholder data, or other confidential information.  

We appreciate your work to include the detailed information in your support request. The complete data you provide enables us to identify the cause and solution to your issue as quickly as possible.

Information for all issues

We'll need the following details to troubleshoot any reported issue:

  • Description of your problem
  • Steps taken so far to troubleshoot
  • If the problem is consistent or intermittent
  • If the item is reproducible on a different device, operating system, browser, or network? Test using different computers at home or the local library.
  • If reproducible, step by step instructions on how to reproduce the issue
  • Legible screenshots displaying the full URL and exact error message/ error condition
  • Date, time, and timezone when issue occurred
  • Affected username(s) and e-mail(s)
  • Operating system type and version (e.g., Microsoft® Windows 10/ Mac® OS X/ Linux®)
  • Internet security, firewall, anti-virus, or pop-up blocking software that's installed on your computer, if any
  • Browser type, version, and add-ons installed (e.g., extensions or toolbars)