Connect Excel to Excel

The objective is to send data from an Excel file stored on Google Drive to another Excel file stored on Google Drive as well. During the process of connecting, you will be able to choose the worksheet inside the source Excel file that you want to send to your Excel destination.

Please follow these instructions on how to create a connection and ensure that you are choosing the correct Excel source as well as your desired destination Excel file. 

Remember that both of these need to be stored on Google Drive. Please see this article on how to use Sheetgo with local files.

Sheetgo is a powerful tool to help you in your daily tasks. Here is our guide to help you transfer your data (Google Sheets, Excel, Open Office, CSV, TSV) to an Excel destination.


Create a connection with Sheetgo's web app

  1. Create a blank new workflow or select an existing workflow from your list
  2. Click to "Create a connection" or in the + button on the top right
  3. In the "Data Source" step, click to "Select" the file that you will transfer data. After adding the 1st file, you can click to "Add more" and consolidate the sources into a master sheet
  4. In the Data destination step, click to "Change Destination" and select where you want to send the data from the source.
  5. Click on "Save the connection."
  6. Click on "View workflow."
  7. Double click on the Destination spreadsheet icon to find the transferred data