Append data to track changes over time

Sheetgo's Append feature allows you to create a historical record of data so you can track changes over time. When you import data from a source to a destination, Sheetgo creates a new entry below the previous entry every time the connection is updated. For this feature to work, your source sheet must include a header.


 How to append data

  1. If you're working in the Sheetgo web app , click on the + Create workflow button, then click Start connecting. Alternatively, open an existing workflow.

    If you're using the Sheetgo add-on, open a Google Sheet and go to add-ons > Sheetgo > Start. When the add-on menu opens on the right hand side, click the Import Data button.
  2. Select the data source. First, select the spreadsheet where you want to transfer data from. Then select the source tab (sheet) from inside that spreadsheet.
    Remember that your source sheet must include a header.
  3. Select the data destination. This is where you want to move the data to. If you want to use an existing spreadsheet, click Select destination. If you want to move the data to a new spreadsheet, click + Create spreadsheet. In the add-on, by default, the data destination is the Google Sheet that you are currently using.
  4. In Settings, select the Append data checkbox.
  5. Click Save connection.