Create records of your sources

Append enables you to create a historical record of data that constantly changes from a source(s) into a destination. It does this by creating a new entry, below the previous entry, with the source data each time the connection is updated (see gif below). Your origin sheet must include a header.



  1. Click on the green "Plus" icon named "New" in your Add-on or Web App
  2. Select Blank Workflow or an existing one (skip step 3)
  3. Name your Workflow, e.g., Inventory Management 
  4. Select "Create Connection"
  5. Select the "Data source," which is the source spreadsheet from where you want to transfer data. Then select the sheet (tab) from that spreadsheet that you want to move.
  6. Select the "Data destination" which is the spreadsheet to which data from the data source will be transferred to. On add-on, by default, the data destination is the Google Sheet that you are currently using.
  7. In "Settings" select the checkbox to enable append data
  8. Click to "Save changes."