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How to share your dashboard
How to share your dashboard

Understand how to share your dashboard as a PDF or email

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The Sheetgo dashboard is a powerful feature that allows you to easily create a visual summary of the data present in your workflow. After building and editing your dashboard to show the exact information that you want you can easily share the data as a PDF or send it directly to one or multiple emails.

Share dashboard

To share your dashboard, first open it through the link on the left side menu.

With the dashboard opened click on Share, at the top right side of the first data box.

There are two possible ways of sharing your dashboard, you can either export it as a PDF or send it directly to one or multiple emails.


If you choose to export the dashboard as a PDF, as a default Sheetgo will autoselect all the data in your dashboard to be exported, but you can specify exactly which data you want to include on the PDF, it can be just one or part of the charts available on the dashboard.

When you are done selecting just click on Export, Sheetgo will create your PDF and download it to your computer. The exported document will have a Sheetgo layout and a header with general information from the workflow, the date the PDF was generated, and the last time the workflow was updated.


If you want to share your workflow through an email, choose the email option and enter the emails to whom you want to send the dashboard. If your workflow is shared with other people Sheetgo will show them as suggested people to send the dashboard.

After writing down the email click on Add and repeat the process if you want to send it to multiple recipients. When you are done click on Next.

After writing down the recipient's emails you have the option of selecting if you want to share just parts of the dashboard or all items in it. When you are done click on Share.

The recipient will receive a PDF with the data that you selected from the dashboard, it'll also receive a link to access the dashboard directly.

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