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How to connect to BigQuery?
How to connect to BigQuery?

Learn about the necessary permissions to import data from a BigQuery table

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Sheetgo allows you to import BigQuery data directly into compatible destination files. Before creating a Sheetgo connection to copy data from your BigQuery platform, your account needs permission to access the datasets and grant Sheetgo access to your database. In general, the permission your account needs to access tables will be assigned to your account by the IT department in your organization.

In the list below you will find some of the permissions your IT department might need to assign to your account:

  • bigquery.config.get

  • bigquery.connections.list

  • bigquery.datasets.get

  • bigquery.datasets.getIamPolicy


  • bigquery.models.list

  • bigquery.routines.list

  • bigquery.tables.get

  • bigquery.tables.getData

  • bigquery.tables.getIamPolicy

  • bigquery.tables.list

  • bigquery.transfers.get

  • bigquery.transfers.update

  • resourcemanager.projects.get

Read more about permissions here.

Key features of a BigQuery connection:

  • Import data from a BigQuery table into Google Sheets, Excel, CSV or generate a Google Docs file.

  • Schedule automatic updates to refresh the data set at regular intervals.

  • No import limit on the number of rows.

Step 1

  • Open Sheetgo and click New Workflow to start creating a connection. Click Create a connection

  • On the Explore page, select BigQuery or type it in the search bar.

  • Under Source select BigQuery then Project, Dataset and Table.

  • Enter your command in the Query Editor then click Next.

  • This command will copy data from the table below.

Step 2

  • Select to send this data to a single file or multiple files. You can let Sheetgo create a new file for you or choose an existing file.
    You can also use the data from a table in BigQuery while generating Google Docs and PDFs based on a template. Read this article to learn more.

  • Click Finish and save. To learn how you can edit a connection, read the article here.

  • Go to the workflow Overview to run your entire system or to the list of connections to update a specific connection.

Sheetgo copied data from sales_representative table into the file specified as the destination.

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