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How do I give Sheetgo permissions to my Google Workspace domain?
How do I give Sheetgo permissions to my Google Workspace domain?

Learn how to add Sheetgo to your allowlist and give it trusted access in Google Workspace

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If you’re a Google Workspace Administrator, you can manage and control the types of third-party applications your team can install using an allowlist. When you add an application to your allowlist, your users can easily install and access the tool.

Important note: Even if you remove certain apps from the allowlist, your users might still be able to install a third-party app outside of the Workspace Marketplace. If you want to block the use of an app, you can block all third-party API access in the Google Admin console. This page provides more details.

Here’s how to add the Sheetgo add-on to your allowlist.

How to add Sheetgo to your allowlist

Before you can add Sheetgo to your allowlist, you must make sure that you have the correct management setting activated on your Admin Console page.

Adjust your Google Workspace Marketplace Settings

In order to be able to create your allowlist, first adjust your management settings using the following steps:

  • Head to the Admin Console page. Go to Apps > Google Workspace Marketplace Settings.

  • Click Manage.

  • Select the management option Allow users to install and run only selected apps from the Marketplace - this will allow you to start creating and managing your allowlist.

  • Click Save.

Add the Sheetgo add-on to the allowlist

Now that you have the correct settings, you should be able to add and remove apps from your allowlist. Here’s how to add Sheetgo to your allowlist:

  • On the Admin Console page, go to Apps > Google Workspace Marketplace apps > Apps list.

  • Select Google Workspace Marketplace allowlist > Add app to allowlist at the top of the screen.

  • Search for “Sheetgo”.

  • Hover over the Sheetgo app, and click Add to allowlist.

The Sheetgo add-on is now successfully added to your allowlist. Users can now easily install and use the add-on from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Add Sheetgo to your trusted list of third-party apps to get full access to your Google Workspace, so you can make the most of what Sheetgo has to offer.

What is trusted access in Google Workspace?

Trusted access allows you to control which third-party and internal apps get access to your organization’s Google Workspace data.

To grant trusted access to a Google Workspace, you need to be the Administrator of such a domain. This can be done by modifying the setting in your Google Admin console to manage access to Google Workspace services through OAuth 2.0. Some apps might use OAuth 2.0 scopes, which sometimes limit access to specific user accounts.

Important note: If you’re using Google Workspace for Education, you can apply advanced restrictions in primary and secondary institutions to prevent users from accessing third-party apps.

This is how you can grant Sheetgo trusted access to your Google Workspace.

How to grant Sheetgo trusted access

Before managing access to third-party applications, make sure to review the list of apps that have been authorized to access your Google Workspace data.

Review authorized third-party applications

Use the following steps to review the list of authorized apps. It’s important to note that access details about third-party apps will show between 24 - 48 hours once they’ve been authorized.

In the Admin console page, go to Menu > Security > Access and data control > API controls.

  • Click Manage Third-Party App Access to review the details on all configured apps, including the App name, Type, ID, Verified status, and Access.

  • Click View list, under the Accessed apps section. Here, you can also learn about the number of users accessing the app and any requested services.

If the Sheetgo web app is blocked, it should show in the Access details.

Manage Sheetgo access to Google Workspace

To change the access for Sheetgo, carry out the following:

  • In the Admin console page, go to Menu > Security > Access and data control > API controls.

  • Under App access control, click Manage Third-Party App Access.

  • Click View list, for Configured apps.

  • Filter the list for a faster search by clicking on Add a filter > App name.

  • Enter “Sheetgo” and click Apply.

  • In Access, check the Trusted box and click Apply.

Please note: if you have added an app for devices to an allowlist that has also been blocked using API controls, the app is blocked. This means that blocking the app through API controls overrides the allowlist.

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