Filtering my source data

Filter and Query

Filters are useful when you want to transfer a selected subset of your data instead of an entire source sheet.

Why you may want to use it to

  • Keep your destination sheet small in size
  • Ensure privacy and confidentiality by only transferring rows and columns that you select for sharing with the destination

How to enable filter/query for a specific connection

  1. Open your Google Sheets sidebar Add-on or access the Web App interface
  2. If you are on the web app interface, in the left main menu, click on "Workflows."
  3. Select the desired "Workflow."
  4. Click to "Manage Workflow"
  5. For the specified connection, click on the three dots next to the arrow and select the edit connection option
  6. Scroll down to step (3) "Settings."
  7. Select Filter by and click the checkbox "Enable filter to import only the data you need."
  8. Set up your desired filter. Choose from Filter by Condition, Query Language, or  Color.
  9. "Save your changes" and update your connection to start the transfer of filtered data