What is the difference between Import Sheet and IMPORTRANGE?

Google Sheet's built-in IMPORTRANGE function provides basic functionality to import a sheet from another spreadsheet into the current spreadsheet. However, it has several pitfalls that Import Sheet overcomes.

Weak points of IMPORTRANGE:

  • It does not provide a good overview of the configuration of your import.
  • If you import data in a cascaded format, when you look at the data in the last spreadsheet in the chain there will be a long delay for the data to load as you need to wait for IMPORTRANGE in the sequence to execute. This delay can result in incorrect data or errors because there is no way of verifying that all of the data in the chain is updated (without opening every sheet). This is dangerous if you are using this data to make decisions or putting it in reports.
  • You cannot import the format of the source cells.
  • It’s not possible to choose the timing of which to update the data. It’s always real time.


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