How do we think about our users?

In this short code of customer, I, Robert from Sheetgo, want to describe our philosophy behind how we work with our users. First and foremost, we treat everyone like a human being. We know that with every email that we write, with every phone call we do or with any other action we interact with our users, we cause an effect on the other person. And we want this effect to be pleasant and positive.

Users are the same as customers which are the same as clients. We treat them all equally as they are all people who deserve so.

With whatever interaction we have, we try to be authentic, honest and genuinely interested in the other person we are speaking to. Having this in mind, we want to maintain a real relationship with our users.

When we think about our users, we don’t just see them as financial numbers, as paid or non-paid subscribers, but as beings. Therefore, we are caring and concerned about whatever inquiry they have for us. If you have one, please let me know under

Thank you for your time to read this!



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