How can I use a dashboard to improve my data management?

Poor data management can result from a lack of overview on data stored in multiple locations or originating from multiple source. It involves additional time having to access and check those multiple locations. A dashboard can help to visually centralize all data from multiple locations in one place. Sheetgo allows you to merge and consolidate multiple sheets into a single sheet that constitutes the dashboard. Sheetgo is able to merge multiple sheets from the same spreadsheet or from various spreadsheets. 

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    Javier Linares

    Any recommended dashboard platform? I'm very impressed with Google DataStudio, but any other?

    Dashboards are usually read-only. Any interactive dashboard (read and write) with Google Sheet as backend? 

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    Robert from Sheetgo

    We use Google Data Studio internally. 

    How would a Dashboard look like that is not read-only?

    I think you want a Form for that.

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