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    UseFull features in this add on.

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    Bobby Sheetgo Happiness

    Dear Pankaj, 

    Thank you very much for leaving your written review here in the form of a comment to this article! :-)

    Can you also leave this review on the add-on store page itself?

    Thank you!


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    Sheetgo has been AMAZING!  While I'm still navigating the functionality and learning how it's going to help my small business meet our reporting needs, Robert & Chad have been exceptional with their timely, useful, generous and friendly help.  Their customer service is a role model for all others and I look forward to continuing with Sheetgo provide much-needed transparency that our business is currently lacking.

    Thank you, Robert, Chad and Sheetgo!

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    Bobby Sheetgo Happiness

    Hey Betsy, 

    That's very nice and warm to read! Thank you. :-)

    If you can, can I please ask you to follow the instructions in the article and leave a review on one of the stores mentioned in the article?

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    I think Sheetgo will be very useful for my reporting needs once I understand the full functionality of the add-on. I am sure things will continue to evolve with customer feedback. Great Idea!

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