How do I use the consolidate type of connection?


The Consolidate connection type allows you to merge multiple sheets into a single sheet. Let's imagine you have 3 spreadsheets with a similar (comparable) sheet inside each of these. Using Consolidate you can put these three sheets into a single one inside a separate spreadsheet. This sheet will have a unique header row and below it, the data that came from the 3 sheets.


To consolidate multiple sheets, add them all to the screen shown below.

Supported features:

  • Safely select up to 30 sheets to consolidate into a single sheet.

Currently unsupported features:

  • Consolidate does not work on exports but only on imports.
  • You cannot edit the order of the consolidated sheets. To reorder, please delete the connection and recreate it.
  • You might experience a problem with automatic scheduling of updates if you are trying to consolidate a large number of sheets (> 30).


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