How do I split a large CSV file into smaller sheets?

To split a large CSV file into smaller sheets, create multiple connections that each only import a limited amount of rows of the respective CSV file. Follow these steps:

  1. Create a new import connection
  2. Select the Connect connection type
  3. Search and select your CSV file. Note, it must be inside your Google Drive.
  4. Press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + q to launch the query dialogue window
  5. Following the Google documentation, enter the following statement to import the first 1000 rows: limit 1000
  6. Click on connect to create your connection

Now, repeat this process for as many connections as you need to split your CSV file. You might want to change 1000 to the number of rows you wish to import. Note, on the second connection you have to query using the following statement:

limit 1000 offset 1000

This will import the next 1000 rows skipping the first 1000 rows which had already been imported by the first connection.

Analogous, the third connection needs the following statement to skip the first 2000 rows:

limit 1000 offset 2000



Select Import

Choose Connect

Click on the lens icon and search for your CSV file

Press Ctrl + q to open the query window and enter the statement

Click on Connect to create your connection

Proceed with your other connections with an adapted query statement  

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