My automatic updates are not working, what can I do?

If your automatic updates are not working, you need to reset the triggers. If only one sheet is affected, reset the triggers for the current sheet. If all sheets are affected, reset the triggers on all sheets.


  1. Open Sheetgo
  2. Click on the Sheetgo logo to give focus to the app
  3. Press Shift + F2 (Mac users Shift + Fn + F2)
  4. Choose to reset triggers only on current spreadsheet or for all spreadsheets

Reset current:

  1. Reload the current spreadsheet
  2. Reopen Sheetgo
  3. Update all connections manually once to re-enable automatic updates

Reset all:

If you decided to reset all, open all your spreadsheets one by one, open Sheetgo and run all your connections manually once to re-enable your automatic updates.


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