How do I use the inventory management template?


The inventory management template is one of our template solutions that you can use to create your connections. Once you click on INSTALL, Sheetgo will create the required connections in the sidebar, create the sheets inside your spreadsheet that are associated with your connections, and create the required spreadsheets in the background that your connections will access to retrieve the data for the inventory check-in and check-out.


  • Automatic import connection Check-in
  • Automatic import connection Check-out
  • Automatic export connection Current Inventory
  • Manual export connection Iitem Registration (CI)
  • Manual export connection Item Registration (CO)
  • Sheet Current Inventory
  • Sheet Item Registration
  • Sheet Check-in
  • Sheet Check-out
  • Sheet Instructions
  • Spreadsheet Inventory Check-out
  • Spreadsheet Inventory Check-in

How to use?

Each spreadsheet created from the template contains the sheet Instructions with a detailed guide on how to use the solution. Please consult this sheet for more information.

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