How can I import individual rows, columns or cell ranges?

Import specific columns:

To import specific columns, create your connection first but before pressing the green Connect button, press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl (Control) + q to open the Query dialogue window.

There, please enter: SELECT A,D,E

This will selectively import only columns A, D and E.

Create your query before pressing Connect.

Use Ctrl (Control) + q to open this query dialogue.

Import specific rows:

To import only specific rows, proceed similarly and create your connection. Before pressing Connect, open the options menu at the bottom and specify a filter condition by which you want to filter for specific rows.

For example, we can set up a filter to only import rows where column C (User e-mail) matches the email

Before pressing Connect, open the Options menu. Click on edit to define a filter.

Here we filter by condition where text in column C matches a specific email address.

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