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Invalid or corrupt CSV file

Your CSV file is not following the standards

Please ensure to follow the following rules to obtain a compatible CSV file.

  1. Separate data fields with a delimiter, usually a comma. This should be a single character. If you do not want to use a comma, you should choose something like a tab or a pipe (|) character.

  2. Keep each record on a separate line. Each record must start on its own line, but a single record can span multiple lines.

  3. Do not follow the last record in a file with a carriage return.

  4. In the first line of the file, include a header with a list of the column names in the file. This is optional, but strongly recommended; it allows the file to be self-documenting.

  5. Make sure the header list is delimited in the same way as the rest of the file. This helps guard against the data fields being transposed in the data when it is loaded, which can lead to getting wrong answers when you query the data.

  6. Remember that the enclosing character (typically double quotes) must be used when required, such as when the delimiter appears in a field.

For more detail on these rules, you can look at Wikipedia and RFC 4180 (the Request for Comments document in the CSV specification).