Keeping my source formatting

By default, Sheetgo only transfers the raw data from the source spreadsheet into the destination spreadsheet. This behavior is done to keep data transfer as fast as possible.

Steps to enable the Transfer of Format

  • Open your Google Sheets sidebar Add-on or access the Web App interface
  • If you are on the web app interface, from the left main menu, click on "Workflows."
  • Select the desired "Workflow."
  • Click to "Manage Workflow"
  • For the specified connection, click on the three dots next to the arrow and select the edit connection option
  • Scroll down to step (3) "Settings."
  • Select Settings and click the checkbox "Enable transfer formatting."
"Save your changes" and update your connection to start the transfer of filtered data please

note: Formatting transfer will double the time required to transfer data, and it's not advisable if the source or destination spreadsheet is massive.

The following attributes can be transferred from a Google Sheet to another Google Sheet (not Excel, not CSV!) using Connect and Append (not Consolidate, not Filter/Query!).

  • Font Color 
  • Font Size
  • Merged Cells
  • Frozen Rows
  • Hidden Rows
  • Alignment
  • Padding
  • Borders
  • Background color 
  • Date format 
  • Number Currency