Plans, pricing, and subscription options

There are two categories of subscription: per user or for teams.

  • Per user: when subscribing for individual licenses. You can consider a user each email that will login to Sheetgo and have an account associated with.
  • Per teams: when subscribing for multiple licenses for a team of 4 or more people or when subscribing for a whole company.

How to select a plan for individual user?

Our subscription plans are based on access to premium features: automatic updates, unlimited consolidate, consolidate from a folder, and creating more than 5 connections.

Keep in mind that when signing up with Sheetgo you automatically start a 7 days of a free trial period with access to all premium features. Learn more about trial period and premium features 

Free plan

After the trial period is finished, if you don't upgrade to a premium plan, you will automatically will be reverted to the free plan with no access to the premium features.

You will be able to:

  • Create up to 5 connections
  • Consolidate up to 3 sheets, and
  • Click to update each connection

Subscription plans

After your trial period, you can choose to upgrade to a premium plan by going to your account page and subscribing.

Compare premium plans, and prices at our pricing page.

How to select a plan for team or for a company?

For teams of 4 or more people, check information about our special offers, Sheetgo for Teams in this article.
If you want to implement Sheetgo for your company, book a meeting with our sales team to support you in customizing the offer to meet your demand.

Is there a discount for Non-profits & Educational organization?

Sure, check information for Sheetgo for Good in this article.

What are the payment options for individual licenses?

First, it is important to know that Sheetgo has a subscription model. Your payment will be renewed automatically at the interval you selected: monthly or yearly.
You can make a payment with your credit card directly in Sheetgo's application in the account page at the menu → Click to "Upgrade"

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. For individual license, it is mandatory that the payment is made by credit or debit card.
Our HQ is in Spain, so your card must allow international payments if you are outside of Spain.
If you experience any trouble to purchase, go to the Question Mark in the top right on Sheetgo, and chat with us.

I just paid. Now, what is going to happen?

The user's account will be automatically configured to unlock the premium features.

I'll need an invoice. What should I do?

At the account page, after subscribing, click to edit and insert your billing information. Within 24 hours, you'll receive an invoice in your email.

If I test and I'm not satisfied with Sheetgo. Are there refunds?

We are committed to your success. We will be there to support you all the way to create your solution through email support and personal support depending on the plan you are and needs.
If even after that you are not satisfied, you can ask for a total refund within the first month.

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