Sales Reps Management Template

Our Sales Rep Management Template reports lead status, tracks sales leads, and measures the performance of your sales team.


Installing the template

  • Access
  • Select Sales Reps Management Template
  • Click on Install. Sheetgo will create a folder on your Google Drive called Sales Reps Management, which contains a Reps Folder (3 spreadsheets for three example reps) and the general Sales Reps Management spreadsheet.

First use

Let your sales reps fill in their information on their respective spreadsheets. For example, sales rep #1 fills in his report on his spreadsheet inside the Rep's folder on the tab Leads (Input).

You, as the manager, open the master spreadsheet and update your connections to consolidate the lead data.

How to add more Sales Reps

  • Access your Google Drive. 
  • Find your Reps folder at My Drive Sheetgo 🠮 Templates 🠮 Sales Reps Management 🠮 Reps (Google Drive Path)
  • Make a copy of Sales rep #1 for as many representatives that you want to add.
  • Rename those copies according to your sales representatives' names and share each of those new spreadsheets with the corresponding sales rep.

Once you have created the additional spreadsheets for the other sales reps, go to your master spreadsheet and update your connections to consolidate all their sales leads data.

How to sync sales and leads with your reps 

  • Access any of your Sales rep spreadsheets in your Google Drive
  • On your Google Sheets Toolbar, go to Add-ons 🠮 Sheetgo 🠮 Start. If you cannot find this option, please install the Sheetgo add-on first
  • Click on the green plus sign
  • As the source, select your Sales reps Management Sheet.
  • Save your connection
  • Note: if you can find your Check-in spreadsheet access your Workflows, click on the inventory management folder and open from there the sheet.

How to sync Sales Reps Management

  • Access your Sheetgo workflows and 
  • Click on Sales Reps Management
  • Click on Sales Reps spreadsheet,
  • On your Google Sheets Toolbar click in Add-on 🠮 Sheetgo 🠮 Start

Click to Update all your connections
note:  Sales Reps Management is only a dashboard of your data, don't remove tabs protection.