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Sheetgo for Teams

To leverage your team productivity by encouraging collaboration, we have a special offer for teams and companies. Sheetgo for Teams is a 2 for one discount available on annual professional licenses for groups of 4 or more.

Sheetgo can be of tremendous help to your team by avoiding manual work on exchanging and transferring data among colleagues. Everyone can work individually on their spreadsheets and have all sheets connected via Sheetgo organized as workflows for every process.

Also, Sheetgo for teams comes with 4 hours of on-boarding. Through our onboarding, we will get your team in touch with some of our experts, integrate you into the world of spreadsheet automation, and help your organization reach their maximum productivity.

If you are interested in the Sheetgo for Teams:

How to calculate Sheetgo for Teams discount?

Using a four-member team as an example, you will pay for two annual licenses and receive 2 for free. 

Our most popular plan is Professional annual, so you would sign up for two and receive extra 2 Professional licenses. The final price will be $936 billed yearly. We all love a good discount!