Release 1.9.41

Notes for the release on October 9, 2019

   :rocket:  New features


:male-technologist:  Embedded spreadsheets on Web-APP! Now you don't need to leave Sheetgo anymore to take a peek look on what's happening in a connection inside of your workflow in a split-screen mode. The Web App will now open all the Google Sheets, Excel, and CSV files in an embedded mode (split-screen). For mobile and minimal screen resolutions, the embedded way is not supported. In this case, the file will be opened in a new tab.

:bulb:  Workflow suggestion - Now Sheetgo Add-on becomes smarter and will suggest you to group connections from a spreadsheet you're using in a workflow. The add-on will suggest the user to create a workflow using all the connections from the active spreadsheet if he didn’t already have a workflow with any of these connections.

:chart_with_upwards_trend:  Inventory template dashboard Added a dashboard for the inventory workflow that will show charts and an in-app import range to show the total items in stock. Note: This is the first version of the sheet working those features, so if you get any issues, please let us know asap. For now, it will be available only for new installations.

:bell:  In-app notifications - Now Sheetgo warns you of important things regarding Sheetgo.      Notification inbox with a dedicated icon on the top bar, the image will have a red dot when it has any unread message. For this version, only text messages are supported, but is opened and ready for future improvements to support call-to-actions, images, videos, etc.

:construction:  Outage notification bar - important messages now at the top of your screen. Implemented a solid bar on the top of the app to warn users in real-time in case of service outages or intermittent issues.

:moneybag:  Support for team licenses - Buy and assign licenses for your teams in your Account Page.        Added support for team subscriptions on the account page. Users now can buy multiple licenses and choose the users that they will manage the subscription for. Invited users that aren’t registered on Sheetgo will receive an invitation by email to join the team.  


:sparkles:  Improvements


• Filter improvements

#623 - Replaced the single line field to a multiline text box supporting line break
#664 - Implemented a new filtering option "does not contain"

• #858 - Changed the “Delete connection” button default behavior from deleting the connection permanently to remove the link from the workflow
• #974 - Implement a skip button for onboarding tooltips
• #1332 - Make the Inventory template free again  


 :bug:  Bug fixes

• #524 - Fix unknown error on file upload
• #999 - When you delete the first workflow from the list, the error "Workflow not found" occurs
• #1147 - Add-on not able to create export on 1st connection
• #1190 - Transfer of formatting not working when the header row is active
• #1191 - Fix error “TabNotFound” if renaming the source tab created with the file
• #1233 - The dates from xlsx were entering as month/day/year instead of day/month/year as defined per advanced setting
• #1245 - Fix coupon has not being applied for non-profit users
• #1255 - Fix upgrading from a small plan to a larger one not working
• #1261 - Fix error on updating a specific connection with CSV file from a user
• #1295 - Add-on not refreshing user data after subscription upgrade or downgrade