Timesheet Management Template

An easy guide on how to install

Our Timesheet Management Template is a tool to help you centralize your employees’ s timesheets in a single place and measure the time spent by your team to execute their tasks and projects. Here is our guide to help you on how to use it, getting the most of it quickly.


Installing Template
1- Access app.sheetgo.com/templates
2- Select the Timesheet Management Template
3- Click to install it
note: Sheetgo will create a folder on your Google Drive called Timesheet Management, which contains Colleagues's Folder (3 example spreadsheets) and Timesheet Management.

How to include Sales Reps
1- Access your Google Drive.
2- Find your Colleagues folder at My Drive Sheetgo 🠮  Templates 🠮 Timesheet Management 🠮 Colleagues (Google Drive Path)
3- Make a copy of Colleagues #1 to every employee
4- Rename it with the name of each person
5- Share with them for data input on their side
6- Input working project details: Date, Project Name, Task, Duration (Hours), and Notes.
Note: You can include all of your team, copy the Colleagues #1, rename it, and leave in the same Colleagues Folder. By using the Consolidate from Folder functions, this is going to work.

How to sync project and task with your Teammates
1- Access your Colleagues #1 spreadsheet in your Google Drive
2- On your Google Sheets Toolbar click in Add-on 🠮 Sheetgo 🠮 Start
3- Click on the green plus sign
4- Select as source your Timesheet Management Sheet.
5- Enable automatic updates
6-  Click on transfer formatting
7- Save your connection
Note: if you can find your Check-in spreadsheet access your Workflows, click on the inventory management folder and open from there the sheet.

How to use Sales Rep Management
1- Access your Sheetgo workflows and
2- Click on Sales Reps Management
3- Click on Sales reps Management spreadsheet,
4- On your Google Sheets Toolbar click in Add-on 🠮 Sheetgo 🠮 Start
5- Click to Update all your connections
note: Timesheet management is only a dashboard of your data, don't remove tabs protection.