Understand workflow, connection and update

A workflow enables you to easily automate your processes using the suite tools you already know.

What is the workflow?

A workflow contains connected spreadsheets that enable your data to be transferred automatically among them and save you time by avoiding repetitive manual work.
So, the workflow is where you create your solution, e.g., project management, cash-flow, recruiting, inventory, and so on.
Inside, you will have the spreadsheets for inputting data, for analysis and for reporting. Sheetgo will connect all of these spreadsheets, and the data will be transferred automatically among them.

What is the connection?

A connection is created every time you use Sheetgo to link one or multiple sheets (tabs) from a source spreadsheet to a destination spreadsheet to keep transferring data from one to the other.
Sheetgo is compatible with Google Sheets, Excel, CSV and TSV files stored in Google Drive.  Learn more about compatibility.

What is an update?

Each time a connection is run to transfer data from the source to the destination spreadsheet, it is considered an update.
Click to update your data in the sync arrow of each connection or schedule your automatic updates to save hours of manual work per week.

Heads up!  Through a connection, the data is transferred in one way. If you need a two-way sync, just send us a chat. There are a few ways to design it. ;)