What types of files are compatible with Sheetgo?

Sheetgo connects files that stored by your Google Drive or Team Drive.
The files can be Google Sheets, MS Excel, CSV and TSV.

Heads up!

Google Sheet has a 5 million cell limitation. This amount is calculated based on all the cells in a spreadsheet, not only a single tab. It is a Google Sheet limit. Keep the size in mind, when consolidating or appending data with Sheetgo.

In this case, Sheetgo can help you by enabling you to filter the data while transferring to make your destination spreadsheet lighter. Learn more about filters and queries. 

Have your files outside of Google Drive?

Check the tips below to sync them

*This is only a suggestion, but as CloudHQ is an external application, we can't support the use of it. If you have an issue or doubt about the use of it, we recommend that you contact them directly. 

If you have a found an Opensource or a way to hack to create these synchronizations. Please share your knowledge in our community: community.sheetgo.com  
If you have any doubts, our community will be glad to help you too. Join us!  ;)