What types of files are compatible with Sheetgo?

Sheetgo connects Google Sheets, MS Excel, CSV and TSV files.

To use Sheetgo, these files must be stored in your Google Drive or Google Team Drive.

How much data can I transfer with Sheetgo?

Google Sheets has a limit of 5 million cells, so that restricts how much data you can transfer with Sheetgo. This amount is calculated based on the total number of cells in a spreadsheet, not only in a single tab. Keep this limit in mind when consolidating or appending data with Sheetgo.

To make your destination spreadsheet lighter and avoid overloading it, use Sheetgo to filter the data you transfer. Learn more about filters and queries.

Need to move files to Google Drive?

The best way to save your local files (such as Excel and CSV) to Google Drive is to use Google's Backup and sync software. Install Google Drive on your PC or MAC and use it as a local folder to store your files in the cloud. 

You can also use external applications, such as CloudHQ. CloudHQ is not affiliated with or endorsed by Sheetgo. If you have problems or questions, we recommend you contact CloudHQ directly.

If you want to sync Quickbook, Smartsheet, and other file types with Google Drive, try Zapier or Automate.io.