Work in my destination


Sheetgo adds a sheet tab on your chosen destination spreadsheet that holds your source data. Sheetgo manages this tab; thus is locked (protected) and underlined green to avoid manual modification. 

Every time the associated connection is updated, the destination sheet tab will be erased and repopulated with the latest source data. 

Therefore, never make changes to the destination sheet tab as all your modifications will get lost upon the next connection update.

Steps to properly work with the destination sheet tab

To annotate and leave notes on the destination sheet, you can create a new sheet next to the sheet, which is managed by Sheetgo (the green underlined one). Then use the ARRAY FORMULA or Query to bring over the data from the original destination sheet to mirror it. 

  1. Open your "Destination"
  2. Create an "Additional Tab"
  3. Use the Array, Query or Import range formulas to bring your data
  4. Only work in this new tab

Remember: Sheets created by Sheetgo are underlined green and usually locked to prevent you from doing any manual changes. Because we manage this sheet.