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How to delete, archive, or rename a workflow?
How to delete, archive, or rename a workflow?

Learn how to delete, rename and recover deleted workflows.

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After building your Sheetgo workflow you can edit its connections at any time and you can just as easily edit your workflow information, archive and delete it.

How to rename a workflow?

To rename a workflow:

  1. Open settings and select Edit information. Enter the name, description (optional) and category. Click Save to confirm the new details of your workflow.

  2. From My Workspace, click on the workflow you need to change the name and simply select the current name of the workflow then change with the new name. Press Enter (or return) when you are done typing the new name.


How to archive a workflow?

You can archive one workflow or select multiple workflows to archive all at once.

  • Hover over the workflow you want to delete, and click () on the top right of the workflow icon.

  • Select Archive workflow from the menu, and on the next window confirm your action.

  • Select as many workflows as you want and click the box icon to archive all of them at the same time.


How to recover archived workflows?

  • On the bottom left-hand side of the screen, click on your Sheetgo avatar to go to your account page.

  • Under Recover archived workflows module, click on Manage archived workflows.

  • Click Restore to pull the workflow out of the archive.


How to delete a workflow?

  • On the manage archived workflows screen, you can click on (⋮) and select Delete forever.


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