What is a workflow?

Understand what is inside your workflow

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A Sheetgo workflow is the place where you can build your connections. Whether they be a simple one spreadsheet to one spreadsheet or a complex set of spreadsheets that filter the data to generate an email.

On your account, you can have many different workflows, that will all be located in your workspace. We advise that, when building your workflow it should follow a logical narrative, meaning that in the same workflow, you will input all the steps and connections that your data needs to fulfill its purpose, be it consolidating different sets of information or sending a piece of specific information via email.

There are two ways of seeing your workflow, the overview and the workflow itself.


In the overview, you will have a macro view of all the relevant information regarding your workflow. You can see how many people have access to your workflow, the number of files and connections inside of it, the trigger information, and the consumptions of transfer each time the workflow runs.


The workflow view will show you the files and connections inside of it, you will be able to see how the forms and source document connect to the data processors that you are working with and the destination.

You can rearrange the cards as you please or you can organize them using the display preferences, which will automatically align the connection in the way that works best for you. To realign your workflow click on the bottom icon at the right-end corner of your screen.

This button will open the Display preferences box, where you can choose how the connections on your workflow will appear, be it a linear or cluster style with straight or curved arrows.

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