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What are sources and destinations?
What are sources and destinations?

Learn where your workflow begins and ends

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Sources and destinations are the beginning and end points of any connection that you build using Sheetgo. It's in these options that you will tell Sheetgo where to find the data that you want to work on, and where Sheetgo will need to paste the data afterward.


When building a Sheetgo workflow the first thing you need is a source, which is the original document where the application will look for the data that needs to be transferred. The source can be a single Google Sheets, Excel files, CSV, TSV, or even multiple files. You can also choose all the files that are inside a folder to be your source document and even a BigQuery table. When selecting a spreadsheet as a source you will also need to specify which tab the data is at. You can choose only one tab or multiple ones, depending on your needs.

After selecting a source you will be asked to select a data processor, that can merge, split, or filter your data.

You can learn more about our data processors here.


The destination is the location where the data that was copied from the source will be transferred. You can send the data to a single or multiple sheets, you can also send the data to a new tab inside the source spreadsheet. Besides spreadsheets, you can use the data to generate a Google Docs file, a PDF, an email, and even send the data to a BigQuery table.

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