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How to use BigQuery as a destination?
How to use BigQuery as a destination?

Learn how to transfer data to a BigQuery table

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2. How to use BigQuery as a destination?

Using a BigQuery database is an efficient way of aggregating different information in a single space. With Sheetgo you can use this system as a source to build a workflow or as a destination, sending the data that was worked with to BigQuery.

To use the BigQuery as a destination you first need to select the option on the Destination step that appears when you are finishing setting up your workflow.

In order to use BigQuery as a destination you will first need to grant Sheetgo access into your BigQuery.

After you have given access to Sheetgo, our system will find all the projects that are located in your BigQuery. To send your data to the right place you need to select which project will be the destination, which dataset, and finally the table para will receive the data.

After you are done editing you just need to click on Done Editing, this will close the dialog box and you can just click on Finish and Save, this will create your workflow with a BigQuery as a destination.

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