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What is the Sheetgo Workspace?
What is the Sheetgo Workspace?

Understand all that you can do on your Sheetgo home

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When you log in to Sheetgo the first page that you will see is the workspace, which is your home inside the Sheetgo app. It's here where you will find and be able to create a new workflow, organize it inside folders, search for a specific workflow, filter them, and sort it by different options. From inside the workspace, you can also edit your workflow information, set up execution settings, duplicate, move to a folder, and archive a workflow.

Let's go through the tools that you can find on this page.

Create a new workflow

The first thing you can do in your workspace is create a new workflow. To do it go to the first box on your workspace and click on it to start the creation of your workflow.

Create a new folder

After you have created your workflows you can organize them inside folders. To do this just click on the folder icon at the top of the page.

After clicking you will be able to give a name to this new folder, when you are ready click on Create and your new folder is ready for use.


If you have a lot of workflows and folders you can use the search tool inside the workspace to find the exact workflow you might need. The search icon is right next to the create a new folder, this tool will search all the workflows inside your workspace even those inside a folder.


Next to the search tool, is the Filter option. You can use this option to filter and show on your workspace only specific types of workflows, you can filter the workflows by ownership, shared access, and categories.


On the other side of your screen, you can find the Sort by option.

This tool lets you organize your workflows and folder from the most recently updated, recently added, alphabetically or in a custom order.

Edit information

Aside from managing your workflows and folders you can also manage the settings of specific workflows. When you are hovering over a workflow box you will see three dots, which are the Open Settings button.

After you click on it a new menu will appear with five different actions. The first one is the Edit Information.

At this option, you can rename your workflow, add a description and specify a category for the workflow. This feature is useful if you have different workflows from different areas, by specifying the category you can easily see which area the workflow belongs to.

Execution Settings

Inside the Open Setting menu, right under the Edit Information, you can find the Execution setting option. When this option is turned on to workflow you pause if it find an error with any of the connections inside of it.


Under the Execution settings, you can find the option to Duplicate your workflow. This will copy all the spreadsheets and connections inside the workflow.

Move to a Folder

After the Duplicate you can find the move to a folder option. This will move the workflow to inside one of your existing folders or you can create a new folder to send the workflow to.


The final option inside the Open Settings menu is the archive option. This will archive a workflow that you might not be using anymore. When you archive a workflow all the people that you have shared the workflow with will lose access to it.

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