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Sheetgo is a cloud-based automation tool that allows you to connect data from different spreadsheets in multiple ways. With Sheetgo you can merge information from multiple sheets, filter data between them, or split to distribute data and manage exactly where the information comes from and to whom it's shared.
Our tool uses the spreadsheets you already have to create workflows that will free you from the repetitive tasks of checking multiple documents and streamline how information is distributed and shared. You can also use your workflows to automate the process of creating documents, PDFs, and emails, allowing the information to come to you instead of searching for it.

Why you should use Sheetgo?

By integrating multiple spreadsheets, you can establish an automated workflow tailored to various business processes, spanning from budgeting to inventory management and beyond. A Sheetgo workflow empowers you to: automate intricate processes across different spreadsheets; securely share data without compromising the integrity of your original spreadsheet; exert precise control over data flows; fuel dashboards and reports with reliable, up-to-date data; and significantly reduce the time spent on manual spreadsheet tasks.

Who can use Sheetgo?

Sheetgo is a versatile tool designed to assist professionals across all levels, from analysts to managers and directors, as well as departments and teams within companies of any size. Whether you utilize spreadsheets on Google Sheets, Excel, CSV, or TSV formats, and maintain your data online through platforms like Google Drive, Share Point, OneDrive, SharePoint, or Dropbox, Sheetgo offers invaluable support for streamlining your processes.

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