What is a Sheetgo form?

Understand what is a Sheetgo form and the logic that is behind them

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Sheetgo forms are designed to simplify the process of populating your spreadsheet while ensuring consistent data structure. Unlike other forms, they are built directly from your spreadsheet, making it the central hub for configuring fields and their respective functions.

When you start from your spreadsheet this ensures that you will have the exact data type and structure in all the submissions. Whenever a new form is submitted, the data is moved to your chosen spreadsheet as a new row, where it can be used for other purposes.


Data consistency

Using a form to collect data from clients, colleagues, and partners is essential for ensuring data consistency and accuracy. By standardizing the data collection process, you can ensure that everyone provides the correct type and amount of information. This approach minimizes errors and discrepancies, which are common when data is collected through unstructured methods.

Customize to your needs

One of the key advantages of using Sheetgo forms for data collection is the ability to tailor them to your specific requirements. Custom configuration options enable you to create a form that fits the unique needs of your project or organization, ensuring that you gather the most relevant and useful data. Additionally, using a form with predefined fields helps maintain uniformity in the data collected. This uniformity is critical for efficient data processing and analysis, as it reduces the need for extensive data cleaning and transformation.

Share only what needs to be shared

You can share your Sheetgo forms publicly, allowing users to easily fill out and submit responses, eliminating barriers to entry, and making the process quicker and more user-friendly. This ensures users can submit new forms without directly accessing the final spreadsheet, which keeps your data secure and ensures you have full control over how the information is processed and integrated into your workflow.

Streamline your collection of data with Forms

Sheetgo Forms are a powerful tool for streamlining data collection and ensuring data accuracy. By building forms directly from your spreadsheet, you maintain consistent data structure and format, reducing the risk of errors and inconsistencies.

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