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Get started with your workflow

Learn the different ways you can start building your Sheetgo workflow

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Whether you're looking to automate data tasks across spreadsheets, collect and input data effortlessly, or analyze and report to uncover valuable insights, Sheetgo provides the tools you need. The platform provides three main options to get you started: Create an automation, Create a form, and Create a dashboard.

Let's take a closer look at each of these features.

Create an automation

Automations in Sheetgo allow you to automate data tasks across your spreadsheets, enabling efficient data transfer and processing from one or multiple spreadsheets to another file, document, PDF, or email. By setting up automations, you can:

Reduce Manual Work: Automate repetitive tasks to save time and reduce the risk of human error.

Ensure Consistency: Maintain consistent data flows and updates across your spreadsheets.

Enhance Productivity: Focus on analysis and decision-making rather than manual data handling.

To create an automation, simply click on the "Create an automation" button. You'll be guided through the process of selecting your data sources and destinations, setting up the necessary connections, and configuring any additional data processors and/or steps.

Create a form

Forms are a great way to collect and input data directly into your spreadsheets. Sheetgo's form feature allows you to create custom forms that feed data into your spreadsheet, making data collection streamlined and organized. With forms, you can:

Collect Data Efficiently: Gather data from multiple respondents in a structured format.

Improve Data Accuracy: Ensure that data is entered correctly and consistently.

Simplify Data Entry: Reduce the need for manual data entry and potential errors.

To create a form, first prepare the spreadsheet that will receive this data with the desired formatting and structure. When you are ready click on the "Create a form" button.

Create a dashboard

Dashboards in Sheetgo allow you to visualize and report your data in an interactive and comprehensible way. By creating a dashboard, you can:

Centralize Data Visualization: Consolidate charts and graphs from your spreadsheets into a single view.
Enhance Data Insights: Present data clearly to uncover trends and patterns.
Improve Decision-Making: Provide stakeholders with real-time, actionable insights.

To create a dashboard, click on the "Create a dashboard" button. Before doing that you need to create the charts and graphs you want to visualize inside your spreadsheet. You will then be able to choose the data you want to highlight add description and share with your team.

Sheetgo makes it easier than ever to build powerful workflows that enhance your data management processes. By utilizing the options to create an automation, form, or dashboard, you can streamline your workflows, improve data accuracy, and make better-informed decisions. Start exploring these features today and unlock the full potential of your data with Sheetgo.

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