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Get started with the Sheetgo for Google Sheets
Get started with the Sheetgo for Google Sheets

Learn how you can work with Sheetgo without leaving your spreadsheet

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Sheetgo was built to facilitate your daily work routines by connecting the data from the spreadsheets that you already have. You can use the Sheetgo for Google Sheets to connect the data directly from your files hosted on Google Drive.

The Sheetgo for Google Sheets lets you create connections between your spreadsheets without having to leave them.

If you haven't installed Sheetgo for Google Sheets you can follow this step-by-step

With Sheetgo for Google Sheets installed, go to one of your sheets, and to open the add-on click on Extensions > Sheetgo > Start.

Sheetgo for Google Sheets will open on the right side of your screen. At the top of the box you can find four icons:

Sheetgo logo: Will open the web app on a new tab;

?: Will open the help menu where you can find the links to the live chat, community, and help center;

Bell: Where you will find notifications related to your Sheetgo account;

Menu: This is where you can find a summary of your account and where you can manage it.

If you are ready you can now start creating your connections, just click on Start Connecting to:

  • Import data from other Google Sheets; CSV or XLSX files hosted on the same Google Drive;

  • Import data from a BigQuery table;

  • Import data from an API, or

  • Export the data from the spreadsheet into a different Google Sheets; CSV or XLSX;

  • Export into a BigQuery table;

  • Generate documents, pdf, or emails.

Need more help?

Contact us via chat, on our email ([email protected]), or send us a ticket!

Visit our Community for help, tips, tricks, and feedback for Sheetgo.

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