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Import data into a spreadsheet using Sheetgo for Google Sheets
Import data into a spreadsheet using Sheetgo for Google Sheets

Learn how to use Sheetgo to import data to a spreadsheet

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When using Sheetgo for Google Sheets there are two ways to start connecting your spreadsheets, you can either import data into the spreadsheet that you have or export the data to a different spreadsheet, BigQuery table, or generate documents.

Start importing data into your spreadsheet

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  • To import data from other files into the spreadsheet that you are using you can follow these steps. With the add-on installed go to Extensions > Sheetgo > Start.

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  • The Sheetgo add-on will open a new box on the right side of the screen, inside this new box click on Start connecting;

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  • Select Import data from file;

  • Select where you want to import data from, it can either be:

  • In this case, we will import data from a single spreadsheet into the spreadsheet we are already working on. We'll select the Sheet file(s) option and find the spreadsheet that you want to import from your Google Drive.

Please note, since you are working from inside a Google Sheet all the files that you want to use need to be hosted on Google Drive.

  • After selecting the spreadsheet you need to select the tab that has the data you want to import. If you want you can add another source to the connection, or use the advanced setting to add transfer formatting. When you are done click on Next step.

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  • If you want you can add one of our data processors to the connection, you can merge data, filter, split, or use the left-join.

  • After setting up a data processor you can focus on the destination part of your connection. You can edit the name of the tab where the data will be transferred to. You can also turn on one of the advanced features like append or parse data.

    Since you are importing data, the file that you have opened will be automatically set as the destination. If you need to import data into another file you need to open Sheetgo for Google Sheets on the file that you want, or you can open the files through the Sheetgo and set the connections as you want.

  • When you are done setting up the destination you can click on Finish and save, or add a new step to generate a pdf or share the spreadsheet via email. For the moment we will just click on Finish and save.

After building our first connection the add-on you can add a new connection, or if needed you can read this article to manage the data from the connection you already created.

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