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Manage your connections on Sheetgo for Google Sheets
Manage your connections on Sheetgo for Google Sheets

Learn how to run, set an automation trigger and other features from inside your spreadsheets

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When you are using Sheetgo for Google Sheets you can build and edit connections directly from inside your spreadsheet hosted on Google Drive. If the spreadsheet that you are working on is already linked to a connection when you open the extension you will be able to see which connections are related to that file.

If needed you can manage your connections from inside Sheetgo for Google Sheets.

From the connection box, you can:

Play: Run the all the connections;

Lightning: Set up an automatic trigger to run the connections;

Person: Share the connections with other Sheetgo users or teammates.

You can also click on the three dots of each connection to edit the specific data of that connection. You can:

Run: You can use the run icon to run only the selected connection.

Summary: On this icon, you can see a summary of information about the connection, what are the source files, the type of connection, the destination file, and the number of transfers required to run this connection.

Edit: If you need to Edit the connection, this is where you will be able to do it.

Duplicate: This icon will create a copy of the connection, with the same source, connection, and destination, that you can edit if necessary.

Delete: If you need you can also delete just the specific connection that you have selected.

If you want to keep building connections with the data that is present in the spreadsheet you can opt to create a new connection to the existing one by clicking on the + Add connection button and following the steps by choosing to import data into the spreadsheet or export data from it.

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