What is a connection?

Learn how to connect and copy data between spreadsheets

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A Sheetgo connection is created when you link a data source (one or multiple spreadsheet tabs, or a BigQuery table) to a destination (one or multiple spreadsheets, a doc, a pdf, or an email).

Once you've created a connection, you can schedule automatic transfers to run regularly, from once an hour to once a month.

Automatic transfers are only available on paid subscriptions.

A Sheetgo connection works like copy-pasting so the data in your source file remains intact, giving you data traceability in your workflow.

Connection types

Simple connection: copy data from a source tab to a destination tab.

Merge: copy data from multiple sources tabs to one destination tab.

Merge from a folder: copy data from sources in a folder to one destination tab.

Split: copy data from one source file to multiple destination files.

BigQuery: using an SQL language, copy data from a table in Biqquery to a destination tab.

Filter: separate the data from your source file based on one or a set of conditions, a query, or a cell color.

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