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How to send a personalized email with Sheetgo
How to send a personalized email with Sheetgo

Learn how you can personalize the automatic email send from your workflow

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When using the mail merge feature, Sheetgo also allows you to send personalized emails to a list of recipients. In this case, follow the basic steps to create a New workflow. Click Connect files, select the source file and the tab.

Now select Generate and send emails based on a template.


Now you can choose whether you want to get the email addresses from a column within your spreadsheet or use custom recipients.


You are now able to personalize the subject line and the email content using smart tags.

When you select a smart tag, Sheetgo will automatically pull data from the spreadsheet columns and add it to the subject line or the email body.


After personalizing your email, click Done editing and then Finish and save. Run the connection or the entire workflow to send your email.

If you are personalizing your email you can also remove Sheetgo layout, allowing the email to have a cleaner visual for your company. You can find this feature inside the Share Email box, under Advanced Settings.

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