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How to send personalized documents with Sheetgo
How to send personalized documents with Sheetgo

Learn how to use a template document to send with your emails

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Aside from a personalized email, you can also use Sheetgo with a template to send a personalized document. Follow the same steps to create a New workflow. Click Connect files, select the source file and the tab.


Select Generate Google Docs based on a template.


In this example, we will use a customizable template to send invoices to a list of clients.


This is the same template used in the automated invoice generator workflow, but you can personalize and send any other document you have.

Select the file you will use as a template and name the document you want to send. You can add smart tags to personalize the document name.


You can create a new folder or save these new files in an existing folder. After choosing the folder, click Add new step.


Click Send files as email attachments.


Choose the sending method and add the email addresses.


Edit the subject line and the email content. You can use smart tags to personalize your email.


Click Done editing and then Finish and save. Run the connection or the entire workflow to send the documents.

If you're looking for a custom workflow to automate your email, our team can help you make the most of Sheetgo and build a tailor-made solution.

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