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How to add an image to a document or email
How to add an image to a document or email

Learn how to add image from your spreadsheet to a document or email

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When using Sheetgo to automatically generate a document or send an email you can use our smart tags to personalize it using the information from your spreadsheet. This feature allows you to send only specific data to each email present in your workflow. You can take this personalization further by placing an image specific to the recipient.

To use this feature you must have a column that is populated with the URL of an image. With that information, Sheetgo will be able to place the image on a document or an email.

Take note: only URLs are supported and they must be public on the internet


There are two ways to add a dynamic image to a document.

1. When building your document template insert a smart tag with the IMAGE: prefix followed by the header title of the column that has the image URLs. When generating the document this smart tag will be dynamically replaced with the image from the URL on the spreadsheet.

This tag will be replaced with the image element that is specified by the URL value on the column Picture in the spreadsheet source.

2. Another way to dynamically place an image in a document is to, when building the document template, use a placeholder image. To do this, simply add the tag to the alternative text by right-clicking on the image and selecting the "Alt text" option. By doing so, there's no need to use the image prefix. This technique ensures that the formatting, stylization, and location of the image are preserved after replacement.


To add an image to an email, you first need to select the Generate Email option when setting up the destination part of your workflow.

When writing down your email, click on the Insert image icon.

On the dropdown menu on the Insert Image box you will find a list with all the columns on your spreadsheet, select the one that has the image URL and click Done.

On the email textbox, you will see a placeholder image, which will be dynamically replaced when generating the emails.

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