What is a transfer?

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A transfer happens whenever data moves from source to destination via a Sheetgo connection on a workflow. Many functions inside Sheetgo also use transfer, such as Transfer Formatting. Since they have to move the format of one spreadsheet to another, it also uses a transfer.

Sheetgo transfer is a bit like copy-pasting. When you update a connection, the data in the destination tab is refreshed. Data is copied from the source to the destination, but the source tab remains intact, giving you full data traceability. If you want to keep previous data transfers in your destination file, you can enable the Append feature.

Read this article to understand what counts as a transfer

​We are a consumption-based platform, which means that depending on your plan you will get a certain number of transfer credits to use monthly.

  • Free 14-day trial plan: 1000 transfers

  • Professional plan: starting on 500 transfers per month

  • Business plan: starting on 1500 transfers per month

  • Enterprise plan: unlimited transfers per month

  • Free plan: 99 transfers per month

You'll be able to learn more about our plans here.

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