What is a transfer?

Understand what transfers are and how to control your consumption

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In Sheetgo, a transfer is the unit used to measure the consumption of a workflow. A basic workflow, such as one that simply sends data from one spreadsheet to another, uses one transfer. Each time you update automations, whether manually or through scheduled automatic updates, a new transfer is used.

Transfers occur whenever data moves between locations via Sheetgo automations within a workflow. Various functions within Sheetgo also use a transfer, such as Transfer Formatting. Since they have to move the format of one spreadsheet to another, it also uses a transfer.

Example of transfers

  • A workflow with six files that gather data into one central spreadsheet will use six transfers each time the workflow is updated (manually or automatically).

  • Merge automations that consolidate three files into one will use three transfers.

  • Split automations that send data from one tab to 20 destination sheets will use 20 transfers.

  • Automations that generate an email, will also use one transfer per each email sent.

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How many transfers do I have?

​We are a consumption-based platform, which means that depending on your plan you will get a certain number of transfer credits to use monthly.

  • Free 14-day trial plan: 1000 transfers

  • Professional plan: starting on 500 transfers per month

  • Business plan: starting on 1500 transfers per month

  • Enterprise plan: unlimited transfers per month

  • Free plan: 99 transfers per month

You'll be able to learn more about our plans here.

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