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The transfer is the unit that Sheetgo uses to see the consumption of a workflow. A simple connection spreadsheet to spreadsheet will use one transfer. A transfer will be used every time a connection is updated by manually running or scheduling automatic updates.

Sheetgo also has many smart features that will stop any unnecessary updates, saving you transfers. For example, activating the check-generated documents, or checking email recipients settings to avoid repeating processes for existing data entries.

Example of transfers:

  • A workflow with six files connected to one central spreadsheet will use six transfers each time the workflow is updated (manually or automatically).

  • A Merge connection that consolidates three files into one will use three transfers.

  • A Split connection that sends data from one tab to 20 destination sheets will use 20 transfers.

  • If a connection generates an email, this portion of the connection will count as one transfer.

In general, you can count how many transfers a workflow will consume by looking at the network view. Each arrow counts as an update except for Sheetgo Forms and connections where the Transfer Formatting feature is activated. You can find how many transfers a workflow consumes on its overview page, on the card at the bottom of the left side.

How many transfers do I use to send a PDF to 100 clients?

After adding your data to a spreadsheet file, connecting this to a Google Docs template to create the individual documents, converting each one into a PDF and then sending to the corresponding recipient would come to a total of just 300 transfers per execution.

How many transfers do I use to send out 500 invoices per month?

After adding your invoice data to a spreadsheet file, connecting this to a Google Docs template to generate the individual invoices, converting each one into PDF and then sending them to the corresponding recipient, you’d use 1,500 transfers per month.

What can 500 transfers do?

With 500 transfers per month, Mr Yearous monitors stock levels from 27 different locations with a value of $26m worth of stock. After adding the data into Google Sheets, the data is split by location, brought back with stock/non stock, and then back to Google Sheets. This happens 27 times for each supplier. 54 people can edit the workflow and 120 people end up using it, which ultimately affects 600-700 people.

What can 1,000 transfers do?

With 1000 transfers per month using the Invoice generator template by Sheetgo, Miss Somer can send over 300 invoices to her clients each month using Sheetgo. After adding invoice data to a spreadsheet, Sheetgo transfers the invoice data for each client into her personalized invoice document template, converts it to PDF, and sends each invoice directly to its recipient via Gmail. For this entire process, she only uses 3 transfers per invoice.

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