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Check these tips to find a solution to errors when using Sheetgo

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When working with Sheetgo there are a few common errors that you might come across, these errors can easily be solved by following the steps below:

Your file(s) exceed(s) Google Sheets limit of 10 million cells.

Google Sheets counts all cells from all tabs inside your spreadsheet, including blank cells.

How to fix:

  • Remove blank cells, columns, rows, and sheets

  • Remove cells that are no longer needed

If you still exceed the limit, split the data logically among several spreadsheets, and use Sheetgo to connect your data.

Source files have different column headers.

Sheetgo cannot merge sheets that have different column headers, e.g. different columns. Every source sheet must have the same column order and structure.

How to fix:

  • Adjust the headers in your source sheets manually. The more it looks like a data table, the better

The source files are too large! Try to merge fewer files, or delete non-essential data (sum of the size of the file).

Your source file (Excel or CSV file) is too large to be handled. Sheetgo can handle files up to 15MB. Contact our team for more information.

You don't have access to edit the destination file. Please request edit permission from the owner of the spreadsheet.

Sheetgo requires edit permissions to the destination spreadsheet to transfer data into it. If you're receiving this error, a few things could be wrong:

  • The file owner has not given you edit access to the file

  • Someone removed your permission to view the file

The data shown on my destination is incorrect, incomplete, or outdated.

When Sheetgo transfers your data from source to destination, it never changes the value, but the following issues could be causing a different output:

  • If you're seeing less data, a different column set, or fewer/more rows than expected, we recommend you review or disable any filters that you applied to the connection.

  • If the format is not as you expected (such as no colors or showing dates as numbers) disable the feature transfer formatting and apply your desired formatting in the destination file.

  • Finally, if the data in your destination sheet is completely different from the source data, try the following steps:

    • Edit the connection

    • Click on the three-dots menu () to the right of your source file name and open it in a new window

    • Review the data in the source tab

    • If the data is correct, go back into Sheetgo and select the source tab once again (the same tab you reviewed)

    • Save the connection and click Run to update the workflow

Do you need more help?

If the above steps fail to resolve the errors you are experiencing, open a live chat inside or send an email to [email protected] including:

  • The connection name

  • Workflow name

  • The issue you're facing

  • Screenshots if applicable

Need more help?

Contact us via chat, on our email ([email protected]), or send us a ticket!

Visit our Community for help, tips, tricks, and feedback for Sheetgo.

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