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How to use Sheetgo filters to transfer specific data?
How to use Sheetgo filters to transfer specific data?

Learn how to filter your data by color, condition, or query, to export selected data from your source to your destination.

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1. How to use Sheetgo filters to transfer specific data?

With Sheetgo you can send data from a tab in a source file to a tab in a destination file. By default, it will transfer the contents of the entire tab (sheet) or CSV file. Sometimes you may not want to pull all of the data from the entire tab. To resolve this issue you can use Sheetgo filters to specify exactly which data to transfer. You can create a new connection with a filter, or add a filter to an existing connection.

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There are 3 ways to filter your source data with Sheetgo:

This quick option lets you create a filter from suggested criteria in a series of dropdown menus. You can define one or more conditions that the source data must match for Sheetgo to transfer it to the destination file, e.g:

  • "Column A" text is equal to a specific name.

  • "Column B" date matches the current month.

  • "Column C" number is greater than 100.

Cell color
Filter by color is ideal if you prefer a visual approach or if you use color coding in your spreadsheets. Specify a cell background color and Sheetgo will only transfer data from cells with that color.

This is a more advanced filter that allows you to extract specific data from your source spreadsheet. Use this option if you only want to transfer data from specific columns, or if you want to apply a complex set of criteria. Just type an SQL-type query into the input box.

Compatibility notes:

  • Files must be stored in Google Drive to apply a filter.

  • Filter by color is available for Google Sheets only.

  • Filter by color is not available for Consolidate (merge) connections.

How to create a new connection with a filter?

  1. Click New workflow > choose Create a connection

  2. Select your source file and file tab, then click Next step.

  3. Under “Select a data processor”, click Filter. Choose a filter by Condition, by Query, or by Color.

  4. Select your destination file.

  5. Click Finish and save.

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