How to filter by Color?

Learn how to use Sheetgo to filter your data by color

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3. How to filter by Color?

Sheetgo was built to take advantage of the many possibilities that spreadsheets have to offer. And this includes the possibility of color-coding your data. The color filter is ideal if you prefer a visual approach or if you use color-coding in your spreadsheets. Specify a cell background color and Sheetgo will only transfer data from cells with that color.

Compatibility notes:

  • Filter by color is available for Google Sheets only.

  • Filter by color is not available for Consolidate (merge) connections.

To set up this filter, when building or editing your workflow, select Color on the Select a data processor step.

Select the column in the source file that contains the colored cells you want to pull data from.

Sheetgo will identify the colors used on the spreadsheet and show you only available options. Just choose the color that you want to filter.

Note that the color of the cells itself will not be transferred, but the data from the matching rows. If you need to transfer the color as well you will need to turn on the transfer formatting option.

When you are satisfied with your setup click on Next step or Done editing and run your workflow.

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