How to filter by Condition?

Learn how to use Sheetgo condition filter

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2. How to filter by Condition?

When building your Sheetgo workflow you can easily filter the data that you want to transfer from source to destination by using the Condition filter. This option lets you create a filter based on one or multiple criteria that you can select in a series of dropdown menus.

Here are a few basic examples:

  1. "Column A" text is equal to a specific name.

  2. "Column B" date matches the current month.

  3. "Column C" number is greater than 100.

The Filter by Condition can not be paired with the Transfer Formatting option

To build this type of filter select Condition on the “Select a data processor” step

The first thing you need to specify when building this filter is the columns. You can select all the columns on the source to be transferred to the destination or just some of them. It's important to remember that if you are selecting just some of the columns pay attention to the order in which you select them. Sheetgo will transfer the columns in the order that is specified at this step.

In this example, the destination will have first the data from column A, then column C and lastly column B.

Now you will need to choose whether the filter will match one or more conditions. On the Condition type dropdown menu, you can choose if you want your data to match one condition from a series of conditions (OR), or if you want your data to match multiple conditions (AND).

Now you need to specify which condition the data will be filtered, click on + Add condition, and use the drop-down menus to select the Column, Criteria, and Value that Sheetgo should look for in each condition.

There're a variety of criteria to choose from, you can determine to filter by number, date, text, if it's empty or not, and if it's true or false.

When you are finished selecting the conditions, click Next step or Done editing and run your workflow.

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